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Revitalize Your Outdoor Space into a Tranquil Sanctuary

If you’re looking to have a comfortable stay at home this summer, consider getting help from a patio installation company to spruce up your outdoor area.

With our landscaping services, we can offer expert guidance on backyard design that won’t cost you a fortune. Our team specializes in transforming the appearance of your property by revamping your exteriors. We understand the value of hard work and make sure that our patio installation projects are a success.

Rest assured, our services are designed to deliver maximum impact without straining your finances. Our dedicated team is passionate about aiding homeowners in revamping their outdoor spaces, thereby elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of their properties. We firmly believe in the power of diligence and hard work, and it is this ethos that we apply to all patios to ensure their success.

Revitalize Your Space: Unleash the Potential of Patios in Your Property Transformation

We Offer Quality Brick & Stone Work Repairs

If you happen to spot any cracks in your bricks, there’s no need to panic! Our patio installation company, DLZ Construction and Landscaping, is equipped to address and resolve such issues. Damaged bricks not only mar the visual appeal of your patio but can also result in water damage, whether the cause is an impact or the use of an incorrect type of mortar for the bed joint.

Using a concrete mix as a makeshift solution to patch up the damage might seem like a quick fix, but it can actually increase the risk of further cracking and lead to more extensive damage in the long run. At DLZ Construction and Landscaping, we believe in offering more practical and efficient methods to tackle such problems.

Our team of skilled professionals will thoroughly assess the situation, identify the root cause of the damage, and devise an appropriate plan to repair the cracks. By employing industry-approved techniques and high-quality materials, we ensure that your patio not only regains its original aesthetic appeal but also benefits from enhanced structural integrity. With our comprehensive repair solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your patio is in capable hands, and its longevity and resilience are safeguarded.

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Why Consider Hiring Us For Your Patio Needs?

Advance Outdoor Patios

We take great pleasure in our ability to design and build patios that will last a long time and provide a place for future memories. We strive to build patios with meticulous design. Our patio installation company pays close attention to every detail throughout construction and only uses materials to ensure you get the most incredible results possible.

Effective Methodology

Our patio installation company has extensive experience constructing outdoor patios in Nassau County & Suffolk County. We follow a proven method to bring your patio to life. As a reliable contractor, we will keep you updated about our progress from planning to completion.

Competitive Pricing

We design and construct all patios with the utmost care. We keep our pricing as low as possible compared to other patio companies in Nassau and Suffolk. We will proceed with the patio installation as soon as the design is finished.

Our professionals will ensure that all safety precautions are followed. DLZ Construction and Landscaping is a great choice for skilled patio installation in Nassau and Suffolk, NY. Please get in touch with us to set up a meeting.

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